(video) Will everything be forgotten?

Will everything be forgotten? Crimes, lies and impunity of the wars of aggression by the Axys of the Wars (and its accomplices) since 1991.

The 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, the infernal massacre, is a good time to reflect on how to reach a world without wars.
The documentary «Will everything be forgotten?» created by the Project Truth against the Wars, speaks of almost thirty years of wars of aggression, perpetrated starting in 1991 by the Axis of the Wars (the NATO countries and their Middle Eastern allies), the Gulf Kings, Israel and occasionally other Arab States.

The wars of aggression on which we have focused refer to the following countries: Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Yugoslavia. The documentary speaks of the tragedy of destroyed countries and peoples, speaks of the perpetrators but also of those who remained silent, speaks of the lies that have allowed imperialist and neocolonial armed interventions to pass off as good operations, speaks of impunity of powerful imperialists. But the destabilizations, the attempted and the successful ones are not forgotten.

The Axys of the Wars succeeded in neutralizing the peace efforts of other countries and of the pacifist movement – in recent years, decidedly minoritarian – and In obtaining lasting immunity, the other name of impunity.

Impunity, lies, wars of aggression: will everything be forgotten?

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