Video: Syria, Finally free. The Adra people, hostages for years of Jaish al Islam

See below a translation of some of their words, thanks to Salam Abdallah


Woman: we miss happiness…We must keep going on with happiness…! Woman's voice crying…Thanks god…..

Woman on the balcony: Thank god, my dear (to a young man)…may God protect the Syria Army and the president….without them we couldn't see our families.

Woman with a man: thank god now we are free in Syria we returned unharmed.

The girl: thanks for the army for every drop of our soldiers' sweat…We are free thanks for their efforts. (Man's voice…"may all the hostages be free"…There are lots still captured)….The girl again. .."There are hostages….We want them to be freed to be happy totally. To be born again".

A Man: there are people awaiting to be freed.

The President: there are families who lost their relatives or injured or kidnapped and we consider everyone members of our families…..We will search for everyone lost…

The Army is going on in returning the kidnapped to their relatives"



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