How the mainstream media falsify Syria’s death toll and its culprits


Marinella Corregia


On the huge death toll in Syria, the point is always “who kills whom”, and “who says what”. Here is how the very important press agency Reuters (then taken as source by so many media) falsifies UN words about the death toll.

Please note that even the United Nations does not possess the truth and speaks only on the basis of “credible estimates” none knows by whom…(but many times UN uses as a source only the Syrian opposition). Indeed UN sources since the beginning are the following: figures of the Syrian opposition, refugees abroad, “desertors”.

Anyway. On March 27th, Reuters itself writes ( “The United Nations estimates more than 9,000 people have been killed in Syria's upheaval over the past year, U.N. Middle East envoy Robert Serry told the Security Council Syrian authorities blame foreign-backed terrorists for the violence and say 3,000 soldiers and police have been killed”. Also AP wrote: “Just two weeks ago, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon raised the toll in Syria to well over 8,000. Meanwhile, in a Security Council briefing Tuesday, UN Middle East coordinator Robert Serry said violence in Syria continued unabated and that credible estimates now put the total number of deaths from the crisis well above 9000”.

So, as we can see, the UN envoy gave the huge, unverified number, without specifying who killed whom.

But see ( few days later, how Reuters deformed the things: “The United Nations says Assad's forces have killed more than 9,000 people in the conflict which began with peaceful protests, although armed rebels later began fighting back”.  So, the total death toll is put on Assad shoulders only.  Again on April 20th, Reuters keeps repeating the same:

Reuters gives very few words also to the Syrian government figures: “Syria told the world body this week that 6,044 had died, including 2,566 soldiers and police”.  Note: Reuters, and all other mainstream media, 1) does not specify whom the Syrian government blames for that (in this way, it could appear to the readers that for the non-military death, Syrian governments agrees he is responsible!); 2) the total figure given is 6.044.

It was not easy to find what exactly “Syria told the world body”. Among the main media, only Telesur (Venezuela) and RT (Russia)

explained that Bashar Ja’afari, permanent Repr. Of Syria to the UN, wrote a letter to UN Security Council President, copy to Ban Ki Moon and mentioned the true text and figures.

The letter is here: “(…)the Syrian government says that 6,143 Syrians have been killed since "the beginning of the events in Syria until 15 March 2012". (Note that it is 6,143 and not 6,044 as Reuters wrote, in its total inaccuracy). This death toll is "due to the acts committed by armed terrorist groups", the letter added. Here is the text anyway: "Excellency, I have the honor to transmit herewith a detailed table on the losses incurred in the Syrian Arab Republic due to the acts committed by armed terrorist groups. The table covers the period from the beginning of the events in Syria until 15 March 2012 and it contains the following information: Death toll of civilians: 3211 people. Death toll of police: 478 people. Death toll of Army and Security Forces: 2088 people (as of 21 March 2012).Death toll of women: 204 people.Death toll of children: 156 people. Death toll of directly assassinated people: 106 people. Resulting in a total of 6143 deaths in the Svrian Arab Republic. Kidnapped civilians, army personnel, and police officers: 1560 people, including 931 missing people.

In the overall propaganda, anyway, some “news” surface. The same Reuters quoted Moussa Ahmed, a former producer for Al-Jazeera's Beirut Bureau, as saying that  Al-Jazeera fabricates stories on Syria and that “the facts are totally different with the reports”.

The German Spiegel interviewed (,1518,823382,00.html) in a Lebasese hospital a member of the death squads in Homs. Hussein, nember of the “Faruk brigade” explains how his first behading of a Syrian soldier…

Another “opposant”, Amu Rami, says that Hussein’s group could kill at least 200 “traitors” (like, he says, “sunnis who are government spies and Homs citizens who did not embrace the revolution). By the way that in Homs the armed groups of the so-called opposition were responsible of behading it was clear since months: Paul Wood the Bbc envoy embedded with the opposition in Homs was shown it on mobile phones by his guests  (

And a very recent field report ( by mother Agnès-Mariam de la Croix from the Christian Eastern Churches, details about the ethnic cleansing going on in Homs (where so many Christian families were forces top abandon the city the armed branch of the opposition, with snipers and agressions. Same fate for the alaouite minorities, scia and sunnis who did not embrace the opposition ideas. The reports speak for instance of the Al Amoura family, il Al Durdak village near Homs: 41 people behaded in the same day. Another family, 14 people, was killed in Hasibiyeh.

Concerning the falsification of the truth: Agnès-Mariam was a witness of a case: in Homs a man was liying dead in pieces in he street, killed by a bomb put in his car. People passing by were filming it and calling some media saying that he was a victim of Al Assad.

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